Christine Ward — Lead Client Care Specialist & Client Care Supervisor

Christine Ward, Lead Client Care SpecialistChristine is the Lead Client Care Specialist and Client Care Supervisor who started working at Norwell Veterinary Hospital in 1996. Christine strives to support the Client Care team in growing individually within the hospital. She has a specific interest in geriatric/senior care, but also enjoys being able to assist with patient treatments, like caring for puppies following a caesarian section. For Christine, the favorite part of her job is being able to interact with owners while educating them on how to become patient advocates for their pets.

Outside of work, Christine enjoys spending quality time with her three sons and hiking with her dogs, Tessa and Kilo. She also has three cats, Meadow, Boo, and Spaz.

Linda McGillicudy — Client Care Specialist

Linda McGillicudy, Client Care SpecialistLinda is a Client Care Specialist who started at Norwell Veterinary Hospital in 1996. Linda is very interested in caring for geriatric/senior patients by providing client education on ways to keep pets comfortable during their older years. She enjoys meeting all the wonderful patients and their families, especially the fancy breed cats, since Bengals are Linda's favorite breed.

Linda lives with her husband and their son, Bryan. She enjoys making jewelry and anything crafty! If she could be any animal, she'd be a cat, since they have a leisurely life with lots of love and attention.

Ellen Murphy — Client Care Specialist

Ellen Murphy, Client Care SpecialistEllen is a Client Care Specialist who started with the Norwell Veterinary Hospital team in 2007. She enjoys meeting all the patients and working closely with so many animal lovers. Ellen's favorite animal is a puppy — who doesn't love puppies?! Ellen has an adult son, Michael, and a mellow cat, Chuck Norris. When she's not working, Ellen likes to go for walks, spend time with her family and relax at the beach.